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Hospice Care Options Foundation in Central Georgia

Whether it is a donation of time or money, donations made to the Hospice Care Options Foundation make a difference. The Hospice Care Options Foundation is a not-for-profit organization. The financial donations we receive go toward supporting our goal of providing positive and comfortable end-of-life care. There are a number of ways that individuals and families can give financially. Some of the most rewarding donations are made on behalf of family members who spent their last days under the care of the Hospice Care Options program and staff.

Donations include:

  • Memorial Gifts: Given in memory of a loved one
  • Honorary Gifts: Giving thanks to someone who has meant a lot to you
  • Donations
  • Trusts, Bequests and other Assets: financial donations that come from trusts, estates, an IRA, life insurance policy or appreciated stock
Doctor explaining Hospice Care Options Foundation in Macon and Eastman, GA

Here are some of the ways that the Hospice Care Options Foundations uses donations to enrich the lives of our patients, families and community members:

Brookie Bear

a Foundation funded project named after a beautiful little girl for whom we provided care, is given to any grieving child in the families we serve or in the communities we serve. Brookie Bear is given along with literature that will help educate children about grief and help them develop tools to cope with loss. Brookie Bear is a big, soft teddy bear who reminds children how important hugs are when we feel sad.

Bags from Brenda

a special Foundation sponsored project that occurs each year around Valentine’s Day. The project is also named in memory of a beloved patient for whom we provided care. Special pink shopping bags are filled with “goodies” for our patients, and our wonderful volunteers distribute these bags to all of our patients.

Camp Good Grief

our annual three day grief camp for children that is fully funded by the Hospice Care Options Foundation. During this three day camp, children learn about grief and loss through art, music, recreation, and counseling. They develop tools that will help them cope with the losses in their lives as they grow. The camp is free to any grieving child from the ages of 5 – 14. For more information about Camp Good Grief, click here.

Final Wishes

The Hospice Care Options Foundation has also used donation funds to help “final wishes” of patients come true. The Foundation has helped patients take special trips, attend special events and has even purchased an oven for a patient whose only wish was to “make biscuits in her own home one more time.”

If you are interested in donating, time or money, please contact us or you can donate through Paypal:
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What Our Customers Say

Absolutely the best group of people for long term hospice care. Caring, professional, concerned. If you need long term medical care they are always there. Great organization.

– Michael T.