How the Hospice Care Options Team Works in Central GA

How The Team Works

How The Hospice Care Options Team Works in Central Georgia

The Hospice Care Options team is a diverse mix of individuals that help create the needed care network for your loved ones and family members. By providing an interdisciplinary care team, Hospice Care Options is able to provide the most comprehensive and well coordinated care possible. Our physicians and staff are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Meet some of our key players .


Our team of highly skilled and educated physicians work one-on-one with your family physician to help create a plan of care. Our doctors coordinate the team members who care for each patient, oversee the course of treatment needed and develop many different means to help control pain and manage illness.


Each of the Hospice Care Options nurses is trained in the area of pain management and patient care. Nurses serve as a contact point between the patient, his or her family and the Hospice Care team. Nurses are a wealth of knowledge and can be considered a source of wisdom, knowledge, strength and comfort. Our team of nurses helps to provide daily care and pain management.

Certified Nurse Assistants and Home Health Aides

Companionship and emotional support are two of the most important services Hospice Care Options provides. Our certified nurse assistants and home health aides help in providing both. This team also helps with daily activities and other daily responsibilities to provide individualized care for each of our patients.

Social Workers

The Hospice Care Options team of social workers works with patients and families to care for non-medical needs. Social workers are caring and supportive members of our team who help patients and family members with future planning, financial arrangements and emotional struggles that are part of coping with terminal illness.


At Hospice Care Options, we understand that facing the end of one’s life brings many spiritual questions and issues to the forefront. These spiritual questions and concerns are always something that the Hospice Care Options team members take very seriously. We have a team of chaplains dedicated to helping patients and families answer and cope with those questions. Our chaplains can also help plan and officiate ceremonies and plan last wishes.


Volunteers are an essential part of the Hospice Care Options Team. They serve our patients and families in a variety of ways, offering companionship, short term sitting, running errands, celebrating veterans, etc. There are also volunteers who work with our annual children’s grief camp, Camp Good Grief, as well as those who volunteer to work in the agency offices to provide aid and assistance to the Hospice Team members.

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What Our Customers Say

Absolutely the best group of people for long term hospice care. Caring, professional, concerned. If you need long term medical care they are always there. Great organization.

– Michael T.

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