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The main goal of health care is to make sure that people who are sick, old, or have physical limits get good care from people who care. Thankfully, home health care gives them that. Home health care, which includes home health aides, is a wide range of personalized health care services given in the comfort of a patient’s home.

What is a Home Health Aide?

Personal care, bathing, and light housework can be very hard for older people, people with disabilities, or people with long-term health conditions. Home health aide services help people stay safe and independent while delaying or stopping the need to move to a higher level of care, like a skilled nursing facility.

The Benefits of Home Health Aides

Home health aide services help people stay independent at home, reduce the chance of falling, and improve health and well-being. This, in turn, helps the person take better care of their health.

The close relationships that home health aides form with their clients are important for building trust, and because of this, care and goals can be made for each patient.

These services are very important for people who are weak. People with or without family support, as well as those who may not have much money, can get help from home health aide services.

  • Independence – Because they don’t want to give up their independence, some older people may not admit they’re having trouble. One of the best things about home health aides is that they help older people keep doing everyday things like bathing, getting dressed, and other things that have to do with personal hygiene. So, they can keep living on their own at home for as long as possible
  • Dignity – Even though long-term care facilities try to give the best care possible, there are many things about the care that people don’t like, such as having to share personal spaces like the bedroom and bathroom and having many different caregivers help with toileting and bathing. With a home health aide, patients can enjoy care in the privacy and comfort of their own homes
  • Safety, comfort, and convenience – Older people heal faster and with less trouble at home than in a hospital. With home health care, a patient’s home health aide can help them take care of their hygiene, which can help them avoid falls and other complications
  • Caregiver relief – Home health aides can also help the caregivers who take care of sick family members. Aides can help with daily tasks like bathing, getting dressed, and cooking, which makes it easier for family caregivers to do their jobs
  • Personalized care – Patients get one-on-one care and a care plan that is made just for them based on their needs. This helps the treatment work better and builds trust between the patient and the aide
  • Companionship – In addition to visits from the home health aide, it’s easier for friends and family to visit an elderly loved one at home than in the hospital or at a facility. Since there are no time limits or set visiting hours, patients get to talk to more people, which stops people from being alone and brings families closer together
  • Less risk of infection – In hospitals, nursing homes, and other places where people get care, they have to be around other people, which can make patients more likely to get sick. But there is less risk at home
  • Allows the elderly a choice – Home health aides are an important part of the health care system because they give patients more choices about their care. Most of the time, it’s hard to move out of a nursing facility once someone has moved in. So, getting help from an aide while it’s still a possibility is a way to keep as many options open as possible for the patient

Who is Eligible for a Home Health Aide?

People who have a history of falling or have physical limits, have trouble getting in and out of the shower safely, have little help from family, or live alone may be able to use a home health aide.

The Importance of Home Health Aides

People are living longer and staying more mobile, so today’s elderly are different than 50 to 100 years ago. So, home-based care, like a home health aide, is very important, especially now that there are more ways than ever to let people age in their own homes.

Home care is a tried-and-true way to keep older loved ones safe, happy, and comfortable.

Home Health Aides in Central Georgia

Home health aides can be a great choice if you or a loved one needs help but wants to stay in their own home.

Need a home health aide in central Georgia? We’re here to help. Contact Hospice Care Options today to start working with one of our home aides.

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