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Best Home Health Aides in Georgia

Our professional home health aides help your loved one in the comfort of their home with routine home care like personal care, bathing, and grooming, as well as some more advanced medical needs. Home health aides are provided based on what the patient needs and to help the patient stay in their home where they feel most comfortable.

Home Health Aide Services for Elderly Patients

Most people sit up and put their feet over the edge of the bed when they wake up in the morning. Then they get up and walk to the bathroom to get ready for the day, take a shower, brush their teeth, and do a lot of other things.

When it’s time to think about food and nutrition, they make a list, shop for the foods they want to eat, and cook their meals. Once the patient has been fed, the home health aide will clean up the kitchen. “Activities of daily living” includes all these things and many more.

At Hospice Care Options, we help patients with bathing, getting dressed, and other activities of daily living (ADLs) that they may not be able to do on their own. On top of that, our Home Health Aides have extra training and education to help our patients with some basic medical needs, like helping with rehab exercises, giving prescription drugs, and keeping an eye on vital signs.

Our Home Health Aides have undergone training and received certifications that allow them to help our patients with more medical needs.

Live with Dignity and Independence

As we get older, it’s important to keep living with pride and on our own. Hospice Care Options aims to help our patients and their families deal with a long-term illness or disability by giving them the medical, practical, and emotional help they may need.

Home Health Aides work closely with Hospice Care nurses and each patient’s primary doctor to ensure that the patient’s personalized care plan is followed. Some of our Aides can take care of medical equipment like oxygen tanks, which gives our patients more freedom.

Our professionals who work as home health aides help with many daily tasks, such as keeping good personal hygiene, which is good for health and well-being. This helps people feel good about how they look.

Home Health Aide FAQs

What Does a Home Health Aide Do?

What are the tasks of a home health aide? Home health aides can help people with daily tasks when they are too sick to do them themselves or when their caregivers aren’t available. Our in-home aides help people take care of themselves and prepare for the day. They always have a happy, caring attitude.

The goal of our home health care aides is to help you stay independent at home by making it easier for you to do some of your daily tasks. They come to your home or, in some cases, a community for older people.

Who Benefits from a Home Health Aide?

There are many benefits to having a home health aide, but those who will benefit the most from one are people who:

  • Lives alone and doesn’t have family close by
  • Needs help bathing and doing other daily tasks
  • Is restricted to a bed or a wheelchair
  • Their muscles waste away
  • They have dementia or other problems with their minds
  • They require oxygen at home
How Much Does a Home Health Aide Cost?

Most of the time, Medicare, Medicaid, and other major insurance plans cover home health care for qualifying patients. This includes the cost of a home health aide as long as the services are provided by a Medicare-certified provider and nursing or therapy services as ordered by your doctor. Medicare won’t pay for a home health aide if that’s the only thing you need.

With home health, you also get help from other people on the home health team. Depending on your needs and what your doctor says, this could include a nurse, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, and a medical social worker. Again, this makes it a good choice for many seniors because it is affordable.

Home Health Aide Services

We know that our patients want to be with their families at home. Many of our patients want to stay in their homes as long as possible, but most need help with everyday tasks. Home care aides get to help seniors remain in the place where they are happiest and most comfortable.

Sometimes, our aides are the only help a family needs to keep their aging parents safe and independent at home. At Hospice Care Options, we make a big difference for people who have trouble with daily tasks like bathing and getting dressed. Our home care aides are happy to help our clients with the following tasks:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing and grooming
  • Using the bathroom
  • Prescribed medication maintenance
  • Vitals monitoring
  • Medical equipment maintenance
  • Rehabilitation exercises

Are you ready to gain back your independence? Looking for some assistance with activities of daily living? Look no further. Call us at (800)563-8680. Our team is ready to help you find your Home Health Aide.

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