Continuous Care

Continuous Hospice Health Care in Central Georgia

Throughout terminal illness, the needs of patients evolve, sometimes unexpectedly. That’s why Hospice Care Options offers different levels of care, including continuous care that can be implemented in any location – including the patient’s home or the home of a caregiver – during periods of medical crisis.

Hospice continuous care includes round-the-clock attention from our dedicated hospice team during a medical crisis in which the patient’s needs temporarily increase. Continuous care is a short-term hospice care solution, as the goal is to return the patient to their original level of care as soon as the crisis has passed.

What does continuous care include?

Continuous care in hospice increases the number of hospice visits a patient receives per day. Patients are visited several times a day and night during their crisis, so the hospice provider can help manage their symptoms and return the patient to a more comfortable state.

Who can use continuous care?

Continuous care is reserved for patients who are already receiving hospice care who experience a medical crisis that temporarily increases their discomfort and needs of care. For example, a hospice patient may require continuous care while experiencing:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding caused by a fall
  • Acute respiratory distress
  • Ongoing nausea and vomiting
  • Stabilizing at home after leaving the hospital
  • End-stage agitation that requires more care to keep the patient calm and comfortable

Continuous hospice care is one of the types of hospice care covered by Medicare.

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I love this Hospice. You are involved with your patients. You care. That is why I say this is what a person needs in this scary time of their life. I am thankful for Hospice Care Options and the care you all give!!

– Teresa H.