Frequently Asked Questions at Hospice Care Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Hospice Care Options FAQs

If I agree to hospice as you suggest, will I be able to keep my physician?
Your doctor will continue to manage your care even while you are under the Hospice Benefit.
I fear I will be in constant pain if I remain in my home.
The clinical staff of Hospice Care Options is specially trained to manage your pain at all times. They work with your doctor to make sure you are comfortable.
I feel I will be a burden to my family or feel abandoned.
Scheduled, routine visits from the hospice staff will assist you and educate your loved ones in your care. These visits will help your family and caregivers feel supported and cared about by their Hospice Team. You will look forward to their visits.
What if something happens in the middle of the night?
Hospice Care Options has registered nurses able to respond 24 hours a day. They are only a phone call away.
Adding the hospice service must cost me or my family something?
Typically, the Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance benefit covers most, if not all, services related to your illness.
If I take advantage of hospice, will I have to discontinue treatments that ease my pain or provide comfort?
No. Hospice Care Options coordinates services with your doctor’s orders to have access to those services that aid your comfort.
Can I get a walker or other supplies to help me get around?
Yes. Hospice Care Options arranges the delivery of medical supplies, equipment and medications to sustain your mobility and independence.
Can Hospice Care Options give support to my loved ones?
Our Chaplain and Social Worker will offer emotional and spiritual support for your loved ones. Family services and support groups are offered to families and caregivers to provide education and support. The entire Hospice Team will form a “circle of care” around the patient and family, offering loving support and encouragement.
Will my Medicare benefits pay for the Hospice Care Options program?
Yes. All patients who meet the eligibility criteria are fully covered under their Medicare benefit.
What if I decide that hospice care isn't for me after I enter the program?
Patients and families reserve the right to decide treatment for themselves. If a patient or family member elects to no longer receive hospice care, he or she care return to their original care plan.
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What Our Customers Say

I love this Hospice. You are involved with your patients. You care. That is why I say this is what a person needs in this scary time of their life. I am thankful for Hospice Care Options and the care you all give!!

– Teresa H.