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Inpatient Hospice Care Services in Central Georgia

When management of pain or symptoms becomes too complex for routine home hospice care, the hospice patient can be moved to a hospital to receive specialized care. Inpatient care arranged and managed by Hospice Care Options is often a short-term solution, and the patient can return home once their symptoms are back under control.

Who manages inpatient care for hospice?

When the hospice patient is transferred to a hospital for inpatient care, the care team at Hospice Care Options works with the patient’s physicians at the hospital to create a care plan that provides optimum comfort for the patient. Hospice inpatient care is a group effort, with coordination between the hospital staff, physicians, and the patient’s hospice interdisciplinary team.

Who receives hospice inpatient care?

Anyone in hospice may occasionally need inpatient services. When the patient’s symptoms increase to the point that 24-hour medical supervision is necessary, inpatient care becomes appropriate. Common reasons that a hospice patient may be sent for inpatient care include severe nausea or vomiting, trouble breathing, pain that is uncontrolled by at-home medications, and anxiety or panic attacks.

Will my loved one return home after inpatient care?

Our goal is to keep hospice patients in their own homes as much as possible. Many patients can return home after a brief period in an inpatient care facility, though others may need to stay longer. Every patient is different, and we evolve the type of care provided to meet their needs.

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