Long Term Hospice Care

Long Term Hospice Care in Central Georgia

 When patients are diagnosed with a terminal illness, we find that most just want to be comfortable. Hospice Care Options offers many solutions to provide our patients comfort, support and pain management. While patients are often most comfortable in their own home, sometimes that is not possible and we work to make any location “home”.

“Home” may be a private home, whether it is the patient’s home or that of a family member. “Home” may also be at an assisted living facility, a skilled nursing facility, or when a higher level of medical care is needed, a hospital.

Hospice Care Options can provide care to those already living in a nursing home or help to make the transition from another location into a nursing home. Hospice Care Options works with a number of locations in the Middle Georgia area and can recommend a facility that suits the patient and family best.

Regardless of the location, Hospice Care Options patients and families receive:

  • Consistent care from a team of medical professionals, no frequent switching of doctors and nurses
  • Highly trained medical professionals and volunteers
  • Expert counseling for the patient and the family
  • 24/7 service and response
  • Paperwork and insurance assistance, if needed
  • Peace of mind, knowing your loved one is in the right hands
Man receiving Long Term Home Hospice Care and Hospital Services in Macon & Eastman, GA
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What Our Customers Say

I love this Hospice. You are involved with your patients. You care. That is why I say this is what a person needs in this scary time of their life. I am thankful for Hospice Care Options and the care you all give!!

– Teresa H.