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Respite Care

Respite Care in Central Georgia

For a hospice patient, being able to stay in their own home is a godsend. But for the friends or family members who act as caregivers, the duty of taking care of the hospice patient 24/7 can become overwhelming. That’s why Hospice Care Options supports at-home caregivers by providing respite care whenever necessary, up to five days in a nursing home or hospice care facility.

What is Hospice Respite Care?

Hospice respite care provides short-term relief for in-home caregivers of hospice patients. With respite care, the patient is temporarily checked into a hospice facility or nursing home under our supervision so that the caregiver can get a much-needed break to take care of other things, take a short trip, or just take some time for themselves to relax and rejuvenate. We step in to fill the caregiver’s shoes while they’re away, caring for the patient with the same level of compassion and attention so the caregiver can relax in peace.

Why is Respite Care Important?

Caregiving is a more-than-full-time job. Emotionally and physically taxing, caregivers suffer from high levels of burnout. After all, they’re not only caring for their hospice patients full time but also managing their own lives, families, and jobs, as well. Taking a break with the help of a hospice respite care service allows caregivers to receive the break they so deserve., so they can come back refreshed to the very important job of caring for their terminally ill loved one.

Respite Caregivers

Those who are caregivers often are given tasks like rolling people over frequently, helping lift or move legs, and assisting with the bathroom. This can be difficult on the body, but we often also see an emotional tax. When you are dealing with someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, for instance, it can become hard to see a loved one declining or not remembering some of your fondest memories. This is part of why respite care in hospice is so important- sometimes we all need time for ourselves to recharge.

Burnout is a term used when caregivers or workers are overwhelmed and exhausted. This often happens in those providing or assisting with medical care, especially for loved ones or family. Common symptoms of burnout include mood swings, insomnia, fatigue, changes in mood or diet, and can even affect health resulting in things like high blood pressure. Hospice respite care can be used to take a break from the tasks of taking care of someone and allowing people to relax to prevent burnout.  Oftentimes we are so focused on having our loved ones be comfortable that we forget about ourselves.

What are the Benefits of Respite Care?

Respite care is beneficial for those receiving care because they can be assured their caregivers will come back with a bit more energy and less stress. It’s like when someone goes on vacation and comes back with a fresh perspective and is well-rested. While respite is great for those giving care, it can also be very beneficial for those getting care.

With respite, loved ones can meet new people, whether that is new caregivers or other seniors from a different environment. It can give them a nice change of pace. This also may provide opportunities for caregivers to find a new network of workers or friends that can help them through the hospice and respite care process. Many loved ones are stuck at home with only a handful of people and adding in a new caregiver temporarily may boost their mood and increase socialization.

Getting Respite Care

If you are thinking about getting respite care for your loved one, begin thinking about the dates you may need someone to step in. During this time, it is also very important for you to consider what your loved one may want or need to feel more comfortable. Utilizing technology if they miss you can be beneficial, with things like video calls allowing them to still see you while you take time off. Some loved ones may have anxiety with their primary caregivers not being around, while others may enjoy the new company. Ensure you have any appropriate clinical documentation handy so the caregiver can best provide what is needed as flawlessly as possible.

Respite care is a great option when a caregiver needs some much-needed time for themselves. Whether this is a vacation, a few days to run errands, or just some time to relax, contact us today to learn about your respite care options. We will ensure your loved one gets the appropriate care they require; with the compassion they deserve.

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